Avoid Bitcoin Gambling Scams

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Avoid Bitcoin Gambling Scams

Bitcoin gambling has been gaining popularity and the trend is expected to continue. And as such, while operators and bitcoin players take advantage of this trend, rogue businesses also do the same. The one thing that a player needs to avoid is falling for a Bitcoin gambling scam which could really devastate anyone that will be victimized.

It is a common knowledge that being anonymous is really advantageous when it comes to gambling and that includes bitcoin gambling. It is not required to fill up any form about personal identification. You can use any username, with your password and email address and be able to instantly play in any gambling website using bitcoins.

Nevertheless, though this may be advantageous at the same time it could prove to be a disaster as well. While players can hold their identification, it is the same with betting platform operators using bitcoin. And thus, no one is assured of the reliability of these platforms. They could be reliable or they could be scammers. As a matter of fact, finding a Bitcoin casino that you could trust is like finding needle in a haystack. If you will not exercise caution, you could be in for a disaster.

You can safeguard your bitcoins just as long as you are careful not to fall for any offer which is so good that it is hard to believe like the case of fiat currency. Betting at sportsbooks, poker sites and casinos using bitcoins is much safer than betting at fiat currency operators since there is no need for any personal information to be provided. Likewise, details of your credit card are also not needed so you do not risk, your credit cards to be hacked.

Bitcoin betting

Your bitcoin betting operators may vanish in thin air with your bitcoins. This also holds true with a sportsbook using your fiat currency. Actually, if they will not scam people they could profit the more. Operating normally will not only build them a legit business, but also earn more from the operation in the future. There are now plenty of trustworthy betting operators who now earn more money as they have built a solid reputation over the years. And so, if a starting business operator chose to do scamming, it only earned one time and that is just it. Unlike if they chose to be legit, the earning potential is continuous as years go by.

And for security reasons, it is best to just bet at reputable and most established bitcoin operators. We recommend the largest and most reputable bitcoin sportsbooks, poker sites and casinos.

However, you can still be victimized by bitcoin theft if you do not secure your PC and web connection. It is the same thing with your bitcoin wallet, credit cards and internet banking.  To lessen this risk:

  • Must not click on any links appearing in your mails or any websites.
  • Have strong passwords.
  • Have two factor authentication.
  • Have your computers equipped with updated firewall and antivirus. 

Be cautious about any emails concerning software that promises big and surefire profits from online betting as they are most likely to be scams. Keep in mind that whatever is offering big profits that are somehow unbelievable, that is unlikely to be true so keep away.

Finding the Perfect Bitcoin Casino

Maybe you are thinking where to use your bitcoins so you could play your favorite casino games. Bitcoins are continuously gaining popularity on the internet and has been used as currency of many online casinos already. As a matter of fact, land based casinos have also started to adopt its use. To help you look for the best Bitcoin casino, we are providing you with some tips to identify them and a list of the most popular casinos that you could check out. You can narrow down your choice and be able to find the most suitable for you.

Choosing a Bitcoin casino - Things to consider

Different online casinos do not offer the same benefits. While some casinos have great offers, others could offer so much more. To maximize any benefit that is offered to you, always make a careful assessment of a casino.


First and foremost, it is always best to check the reputation of the online casino. You must make a research on its standing; how long has it been in the business, check their players’ feedback and what are their available support options. When your Bitcoin casino has positive feedback from their players, you are most likely to be safe in that online casino. And that casino is most probably offering great quality service to their players.

Bonuses and Other Promos

While your online casino is reputable, it should also have great bonuses offers for its players. Nevertheless, you must know how to scrutinize different bonus offers to make sure they are legit.


Players play because they aim to win and so, it is best to know which Bitcoin casino offers great opportunities for winning. Scrutinize the statistics of your Bitcoin casino as well as its current jackpot offers. This will enable you to know the amount you could possibly win.

Choice of Games

You can easily determine how big the opportunities are offered by your Bitcoin casinos by knowing how many or how big their games selection is. With more games offered, the more your opportunities to win are. If you feel what you have researched are still inadequate for you to decide, you can send them an email and they will be glad to address all your concerns.

We have made a thorough research about many online casinos which allow deposits and withdrawal of bitcoins. We have made a fair and thorough analysis of every feature of all the casinos and compiled these findings. You can use compilation to get an idea of how reliable a casino is and know their different requirements as well as what are their similarities and differences.

Our website aims to provide a better perspective so you could choose the best Bitcoin casino for you. There are lots of factors you need to consider when choosing the best Bitcoin casino. From our compilation of facts and findings, you can be able to choose the right one for you.



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