Online Casino rumors Debunked

Clarissa Kane | Published on December 19, 2011

Online Casino rumors Debunked
There will always be people that deliberately hate something because of how bad it is to them. Most conventional casino owners hate online casinos because they are cutting into their business. Hence, rumors have spread that they are bad. It is time to debunk those rumors.

Rumor # 1 – Online Casinos Are Mostly Scams

The biggest rumor pertaining to these casinos is that they are pretty much all scams. A scam is when a person is being tricked into buying goods or services way beyond what they are worth only to get minimal, if anything, in return.

While it is true that there have been some bad eggs, the majority of the casinos on the internet are owned by hard working people who are not scam artists. In addition, if there are ever any suspicions about a particular casino, it is better to stay away from it and select a trusted name instead.

Rumor # 2 – Online Casinos Are More Addictive Than Convention Casinos

Online casinoshave become a target of many addiction groups that specialize in rehabilitation. Most people claim that conventional casinos put a limit on a player whereas online versions do not.

It is true that every casino, conventional or online, can be very addictive. The ease at which money flows into their bank accounts is probably the biggest reason they go there in the first place. However, these online gambling palaces have special programming imbedded into their software which prohibits a person from gambling too much or too high. Looking at it from this angle proves that online casinos are less addictive than conventional casinos.

Rumor # 3 – Children Can Access Online Casino’s As Well

Many parents and various organizations state that modern technologies can easily give children the power to gain access to these online sites and let them gamble their parents’ money away. In addition, they can use their parents’ credit cards from virtually anywhere to start gambling.

This is not the fault of online casinos but rather bad parenting. If any parent leaves their child unsupervised with a computer or does not keep an eye on their credit card, such problems are bound to occur. Online browsers have various safety features which prevent children from accessing such sites. Parents do not seem to utilize them and end up blaming the online companies instead.

Rumor # 4 – You Have To Buy A PC and an Internet Connection Just To Gamble

The rumors unfortunately do not stop at just the stupid little accusations. Most people deem online gambling to be a very expensive as you have to buy a computer, an internet connection and have to pay monthly fees for them and the electricity usage.

Many people however still prefer online casinos over the conventional alternative. With conventional casinos, people have to buy a car, pay for gas and a hotel just so they can gamble for more than a day. On top of that, they can lose precious work hours if they decide to take a weekday off. Online Casinos are the cheap alternative to the typical casino visit.

People will always hate something in life and it may not be the bad things. Online gambling sites not only offer a lot in the way of fun and financial benefits, they are a better overall choice than most conventional casinos. 



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