Online slots still the boss

Clarissa Kane | Published on December 14, 2011

Online slots still the boss
Online gaming has never been as popular as it is today. There are so many choices for people who choose to spend some of their free time testing their skills and their luck against a wide choice of challenges set up for them by the online casinos and the software companies that power them.

Casino software companies employ some of the most talented people that you will find in the entire computer software industry, and it shows. In order to provide the levels of entertainment and excitement that they succeed in doing for so many of players around the globe they have to be on the ball, with their fingers on the pulse of what people want to play.

Table players, those who choose to play such games as blackjack, craps, roulette and all these different types of poker games are pretty conservative people and that’s why these games have changed very little when they made their transition to online gaming.

On the other hand, slots have developed so much since they went online and these days the skies are the limit. There is such a wide choice of games from three reels to six reels with all kinds of added extras and on the widest range of themes.

Anyone who hasn’t done so yet should take a little time to discover how stimulating playing slots on line can be. There’s no arguing with statistics, and casino statistics show that the majority of players play slots more than any other game.

And don’t forget that slots are still the first and certainly the largest source for progressive jackpot promotions bearing some pretty phenomenal prizes.

Progressive jackpots are what slots are all about. A progressive jackpot promotion is usually run between networks of several large online casinos that all operate the same software. When a progressive jackpot promotion gets under way all the slot machines in the network are "linked" together. As players spin their slots a large progressive jackpot is building up in the background with hundreds if not thousands of slot lovers contributing to the jackpot all the time. What makes progressive jackpots so appealing to players is that if a player hits a normal winning sequence they still get paid out full price? So they have nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain by taking part in these promotions.

What is very tantalizing about progressive jackpot promotions is that as a player spins their slots a little gadget called a progressive jackpot meter displays the accumulating amount of the jackpot. Nobody is told when the jackpot is about to be paid out or on what combination. Only the software and the people that program it know that. So when the jackpot hits, it’s a real sensation. It’s now wonder why slots are still the boss in online game.



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