Play your favourite slots games anywhere

Clarissa Kane | Published on December 11, 2011

Play your favourite slots games anywhere
More than a hundred years ago, the first slot machines began to appear in the West Coast of America. They were big cumbersome things that were very primitive in design. Known as fruit machines, as the first prize was won by hitting three cherries in a row, slot machines soon became a major hit across all of the United States and all around the World.

It was only a matter of time before slot machines began to hit the casinos of Vegas in the fifties and sixties. The technologies that developed them progressed very quickly and the games became increasingly more sophisticated and the opportunity to win big money prizes grew all the time.

It was when the online revolution that began in the mid nineties really took off. Online slots rapidly became a major hit and thanks to the wonders of internet networking, the progressive jackpot was born. That meant that a number of online casinos, using the same software, could mount joint progressive jackpot promotions that meant massive prizes for the lucky winner.

And not only didn’t that people who didn’t want to travel to play slots at a nearby casino have to anymore. They could play their favourite slot games in the comfort and security of their own home, whenever they wanted.

The question began to arise that online slot play had reached its peak and just couldn’t get any better. As it turns out, they were wrong!

That’s because thanks to a combination of wireless technology and high powered animation software, the leading casino software developers have developed slots games that can be played in no download format. That means that you can play slots anywhere, on your laptop or Smartphone.

Mobile slots technology has quickly become hyper-successful because people are no longer trapped in an airport lounge, garage, and lonely hotel room or even at their bus stop with nothing to do. Now they can play their favourite slot games in their own personal mobile online casino, for as long as they want. Again it doesn't matter if there are road works in the vicinity, planes taking off, sirens blaring, the same dog barking, slot lovers are in their element.

Slot machines have come an amazing distance in just a very short time. What once took two strong men to lift can now fit in somebody’s pocket. Now you just need the two strong men to lift the prizes!



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