The Popularity Of Online Bingo, game on line

Clarissa Kane | Published on November 30, 2011

The Popularity Of Online Bingo, game on line
As traditional bingo clubs begin to suffer from the smoking ban, which was introduced into the United Kingdom in July of 2007, online bingo websites are beginning to reap the rewards as bingo punters make the transition to on line bingo gaming.

An entire rethink of a bingo club's layout, location and promotion might soon follow the smoking ban. Players in one such land based club, in Plymouth UK, were recently moved on by law enforcement who didn't appreciate over 100 people smoking on a busy road close to the hall's entrance.

Regardless of what the clubs do to try and keep their players, they are definitely up against it as on line bingo (played in the home) gives players the freedom to enjoy a smoke while still benefiting from the advantages of gambling and socialising.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission recently released its' updated report on online gambling, which showed a rise in on line gambling over recent months. Therefore, the future for on line bingo sites looks rosy.

However, it might result in some players being stopped from playing bingo completely. Think about the people, aged 55 and over, whose only pleasure for the week is their trip to a local bingo hall, to meet up with their friends and also have a cigarette and a chin wag.

Those of this age mightn't be computer savvy and may think it is frustrating that they'll not be able to have a cigarette inside the bingo hall and can't make use of a computer to play the game on line. Indeed, the report by the Gambling Commission states that, out of the people surveyed, only 5% of 55+ year olds had tried some type of remote or on line gambling.

The Gambling Commission may be happy that many people are going to be prevented from gambling, since it may potentially decrease the numbers who end up getting gambling issues.

However, some figures just released show this reduction isn't very likely to happen as some 9% of the people surveyed over the previous 8 weeks said they'd tried some type of on line gambling - up 3% on the prior year for exactly the same period.

While on line bingo punters still fall behind internet poker when it comes to the percentage who've actually tried a form of on line punting, online bingo still shows the 2nd biggest increase for exactly the same period from the prior year.

Behind the National Lottery, which showed 1% growth in June 2007, from June 2006, on line bingo shows a 0. 5% increase for exactly the same period, hence proving that it has now equalled internet poker as a well known type of gambling. This also proves that individuals are entrusting on line bingo websites as viable gambling outlets.

So, it seems that players are making a smooth transition to on line gambling with the smoking ban starting to have an effect on offline businesses.

Online bingo can, therefore, only benefit from allowing its' players the freedom to smoke on line, in the home, anytime.



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