Low Bidding Versus High Bidding

Clarissa Kane | Published on October 29, 2011

Low Bidding Versus High Bidding
There are a lot of ways to split up your bidding money when it comes to online casinos. Some people prefer to keep their bids low so that they can extend their play for as long as possible. Others tend to want to go all in and max out their betting. The question is: Which way will help you win the most money the fastest and the easiest?

It can be quite difficult to decide on how much money to bid when playing games in an online casino. A lot of people are scared to bid the larger amounts because they can get through a lot of money much faster and still walk away with nothing. While this is true, you should never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose because a scared gambler never wins.

High stakes gamblers are usually the big winners in online casinos, but just keep in mind that if you bet big then you can lose big as well. It is very difficult to win a large sum of money if you are only bidding the minimal amounts. Take slots for example. If you are only bidding $0.01 per line per spin on the slots, if you double your money that is only $0.02 per line per spin which is approximately $0.40 in total. Now, if you choose to bid $0.25 per line per spin and double your money, that is $0.50 per line per spin which is approximately $10.00 in total. That means that instead of winning $0.20 for your spin you win $5.00. This can add up rather quickly since these are generally just the smaller wins.

Roulette may be your game. Let’s say that you want to bid in the dollar amount. You can be on odd or even or red or black which give you all a 50% chance of winning. If you bid $1.00 on even or odd and $1.00 on red or black then, if it happens to land on both, you will double your bid and if you only land on one then you will win back your bet. Change those $1.00 to $5 or $10 and the money can begin to add up very quickly.

There are a lot of reasons that people choose to gamble with online casinos. They are a lot of fun and you have the chance to make a lot of money. How many other companies do you know that will give you free money to simply play their games? No matter what your reason for gambling, you can choose to bid low and keep playing for as long as possible (just for fun), or you can bid high and try to make some real money. You will find that online casinos are an easy and convenient way to play all of your favourite casino games without ever having to get dressed or leave your house.



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