62 Years old pensioner become the first online bingo millionaire

Clarissa Kane | Published on August 18, 2007

62 Years old pensioner become the first online bingo millionaire
Pauline Clark, a 62 year old pensioner and grandmother from Bristol in England made bingo history this week when she won GBP 1 million by achieving a full house in Gala Bingo's online KerChingo game. 62 year old grandmother makes bingo history after only 2 months playing online

Describing her first reaction to the big win as absolute shock, she said she plans to spend some of her good fortune paying off her children's mortgages and put up a greenhouse.

To help celebrate, Gala whisked Pauline and friends away to enjoy their first taste of a millionaire’s lifestyle. Collected in a chauffeur driven limo, they were treated to a champagne breakfast at the luxurious Hotel Du Vin.

“I’m absolutely shocked," Pauline told reporters. "My heart is still racing. I’ve played bingo for years; in fact I won GBP 6 000 in the National Game 12 years ago. However, I’ve only been playing online for two months.

"Two weeks ago I played online, putting GBP 5 on my account, and with my last 60 pence I played the KerChingo Qualifying Game. To my surprise I won the full house which meant I won GBP 50 and a KerChingo Final Game ticket.

“I had always thought that I would win big and I do remember that a clairvoyant once said to me I’d never be stuck for cash, but when I needed to retire from work two years ago due to stress, I wondered what she could have meant!”

Gala Coral E-Commerce m.d. Damian Cope commented: "Galabingo.co.uk has created the world’s first ever bingo millionaire, taking bingo to a whole new level. Gala is the market leader in Bingo, but the fact that KerChingo has made one lucky player a millionaire, is just another example of why thousands of people play bingo with Gala every week - in club, online and on Gala TV."

KerChingo has made bingo history by being the first bingo game with a guaranteed million-pound prize. In order to take part Pauline and the other 14 999 finalists had to win a KerChingo final ticket by playing special KerChingo qualifying games online and on Gala TV (Sky Digital channel 841). The final game was then streamed online, and broadcast live on Gala TV on Sunday night.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"

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