The pluses and minuses of wagering on a mobile application

Clarissa Kane | Published on March 15, 2011

The pluses and minuses of wagering on a mobile application
The world of the computer is gradually becoming a two horse race between the table top computer and the lap top or mobile computer. And the latest news is that the mobile computer is leading, and by a distance.

While developments in table top computers have more or less stagnated, developments in mobile phone technology as well as the specialist software required to operate it have driven forward at a tremendous pace. For the online casino lover, these developments mean that they can play their favourite games at any time, with no wires and no wives to bother them.

Today mobile media comes in all shapes, sizes and colors with one thing in common. They are very powerful with hours of battery time meaning that a player can play their favourite casino games around the clock without interruption. At one time, and it was not that long ago, there were just two options available for the mobile phone player.

The first was the laptop computer which although it offered a key board and a reasonably large screen, it was a fairly large and cumbersome object to haul around. Another downside was that people could also see your screen and how you were passing your time, which a lot of players neither wanted nor appreciated.

The second option was the new generation of smartphones that allowed you to hook up to the internet, were powerful enough to support flash software and permitted free and easy access to player's favourite online games. At the beginning this whole option of mobile casino play captured the imagination of whole loads of online players, as it mean that a player could play even when standing up in tube, or in the dentist's waiting room without anybody knowing or caring.

The innovations behind smart phones technology have developed with the screen getting bigger and the keys easier to read. While a lot of players are happy to play on their smart phones, there are those who still find them just that little bit too small. The last year has been the year of the pad, with Apple's iPad leading the way.

The pad looks like a smart phone that grew, and that's exactly what it is. With some pads having 15 inch screens and touch keyboards all the minuses and the pluses have been taken out of mobile casino play, and because of its design what is going on on the screen can be hidden from prying eyes with ease. Where mobile casino technology goes from here is anybody's guess. One thing for sure is that it will get better if the brains behind mobile media technology keep moving forward as they do. The fact that a mobile player can compete in a online poker tournament while travelling across Europe in the Orient Express means that the sky is indeed the limit.



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